Landscape Maintenance Technician

Currently, our team is seeking an experienced and qualified candidate for the position of Landscape Maintenance Technician.  

General Function

The Landscape Maintenance Technician will perform a variety of moderately technical and administrative tasks related to maintaining flowers, shrubs, and trees and coordinating them into attractive designs. 

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Design, install, and maintain annual and perennial beds, grass, shrubbery and trees.

  • Apply pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers complying with state and federal guidelines.

  • Plan unit activities and decides priorities; assists in implementing policies and procedures and enforcing rules and regulations.

  • Confers with others in the industry about new plants and ideas.

  • Maintains the cleanliness of assigned areas by mechanical or hand methods.

Minimum Requirements

Knowledge & interest of standard procedures in a field involving extended training typically acquired through obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Horticulture and one year of landscape experience is preferred.

Job Duties

  • Landscape Maintenance Technicians prepare seed beds, transfer plants to containers, move container plants around the work site, till the soil and unload shipments of packaged soil and other gardening products. They may also propagate new plants through grafting and other measures, as well as prune plants and trees.

  • Wearing protective gear like dust masks, safety glasses and protective clothing is essential to the Landscape Maintenance Technician's job. The use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals exposes Landscape Maintenance Technicians to substances that may be harmful. Caution when using gardening equipment and tools is also necessary to avoid injury.

Specialized Duties

  • Some Landscape Maintenance Technicians analyze plants to figure out whether they are nutrient deficient, infected with disease or infested with pests. They then determine the best measures to remedy the problems. Landscape Maintenance Technicians also use numerous gardening tools and equipment and clean and care for them to keep them in good condition.

  • Arboretums and botanical gardens employ Landscape Maintenance Technicians who strategically place plants to create natural-looking settings. Horticultural workers are knowledgeable about soil conditions, irrigation needs, nutrient requirements, light intensity, plant pathology and plant insects. They also prune and weed areas to keep plants healthy and vigorous.


  • Minimum of three years documented experience in a similar sales position is preferred

  • Proven record of success

  • Knowledgeable in landscapes, hardscapes, drainage, irrigation and lighting

Wage Range:  $12 - $15 per hour based on education and experience.

If you are creative and personable as well as passionate about design and sales, then I invite you to submit your resume to our team.  We are eager to find a candidate that can continue to enhance our sales, creativity and contribute to the overall growth of Esch Landscaping, LLC.  

  • Health insurance, Simple IRA retirement plan, paid vacation, disability and life insurance may be available.