We offer a full range of maintenance services for your property

Personal Gardening Services

Esch landkeeping services cover all your outdoor needs to keep your property healthy and looking it’s very best. We are a four season maintenance service provider, so whether you need a spring clean-up, seasonal color planting in flower beds, lawn maintenance, tree pruning or snow removal our team is here to serve you.

Sprinkler Systems

Esch Landscaping provides full service and installation of Automatic Sprinkler Systems. Every sprinkler installed has head to head coverage, an easy to use controller and a one year warranty. Our primary sprinkler business is residential lawns although many clients choose to irrigate plantings as well. Our team has installed automatic sprinkler systems for football fields, baseball fields, apartment complexes and commercial streetscape projects.

Tree Injections

There is no denying the beauty and benefits of well placed trees. Trees offer height, color and dimension to landscape as well as having countless practical benefits. Having trees on your property can reduce heating and cooling cost, enhance the beauty of your landscape, provide privacy, offer cool shade in the summer and act as a wind break in the winter. Scientifically we are aware trees produce oxygen, use carbon dioxide and improve our overall air quality. Trees provide us a more peaceful environment by reducing noise and helping to moderate the climate. The benefits of these plants are seemingly endless so it makes sense to be proactive in protecting your trees from disease and infestation.



Hydroseeding is the process of seeding a new lawn. Many people refer to this as the "green stuff" as it is seen while being applied. We at Esch Landscaping LLC, promote the hydroseeding process for the main purposes of ensuring seed to soil contact and a more uniform installation. 

Hydroseeding also helps reduce washouts and maintains moisture longer. The mix consists of seed, ground newspaper, fertilizer, and tackifier. Esch Landscaping LLC will help you decide which type of seed and quantities fit your needs.